CoolRock Software announced that it has released Obsidian, a highly effective yet elegantly simple platform for critical data protection.

Users who handle sensitive data simply install the Obsidian Gate app on their devices so that any content they access, modify or create is encrypted before being stored. Access tools enable rapid search and retrieval of encrypted data by transparently decrypting on access after authentication, in accordance with designated permissions.  Access is continuously monitored, and management is alerted to any potential or actual security breaches.    

And as critical data is never stored on devices, there is no risk of compromise if an employee loses a device or is digitally strip-searched.  Obsidian Gate offers further peace of mind by allowing employees to access a decoy database if under duress. 

CoolRock’s CEO Paul Mitchell is an internationally renowned security professional and is clearly delighted by the new offering.  “What our team has achieved is impressive.  We have best practice data protection systems delivered in the form of a simple app that slots seamlessly into daily workflow.  And because there is no additional overhead for the user, we can be confident that no text message, email or document will ever be exchanged un-encrypted”.

Obsidian assists organisations to comply with legislation in multiple jurisdictions such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2018), the Australian Privacy Act (1988) and the New Zealand Privacy Act (1993).   

Unlike some data protection solutions, Obsidian delivers fast and efficient searching and retrieval of encrypted data, without the need for decryption, substantially reducing the effort required to complete tasks such as forensic audits or legal discovery.

Obsidian offers rich functionality including

  • Protection of critical data against internal and external threats
  • Managed access to secure data in real time
  • Monitoring of who is accessing your data
  • Management Alerts in the event of any security breaches
  • Protection of staff from menacing approaches
  • Multi jurisdictional capability whilst encryption keys remain in the home jurisdiction.

“Obsidian is a smart technology that cannot be ignored by the CEO,” said CoolRock CEO Paul Mitchell.  “It protects our critical data from unauthorised access and mishandling…with elegant simplicity.  It also protects our people from menacing demands for access to their devices.   And it protects our organisation and our Board from potential reputational damage and financial distress.”

About CoolRock

CoolRock Software was established in 2007 after successfully developing a ground-breaking network security system for a major Australian resources company.

For the past decade, the CoolRock secure encryption technology solution has been protecting large organisations’ digital communication from cyber attacks.

For further information contact

Paul Mitchell, CEO
Mobile: +61 433 349 809