How does it work?

End user access permissions are determined by organisational policy and implemented by an Obsidian Administrator, typically an IT resource. 

Users who handle sensitive data simply install the Obsidian Gate app on their phone, tablet and desktop devices so that any content they create is encrypted before being stored. 

Access tools enable rapid search and retrieval of encrypted data by transparently decrypting on access after authentication, in accordance with designated permissions.  Access is continuously monitored, and management is alerted to any potential or actual security breaches. 

What does Obsidian do?

Obsidian is a holistic solution that delivers sophisticated functionality.

  • Protects your critical data against internal and external threats
  • Provides managed access to secure data in real time
  • Monitors who is accessing your data
  • Alerts you to any security breaches
  • Shields your staff from menacing approaches
  • Provides multi jurisdictional capability whilst encryption keys remain in the home jurisdiction

Why is this so important?

Effective data protection mitigates financial and reputational risk…your commercially sensitive data is safe, and your customers are afforded privacy.

  • Obsidian assists compliance with legislation in multiple jurisdictions such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2018), the Australian Privacy Act (1988), the New Zealand Privacy Act (1993) amongst others.   Penalties are substantial and may include imprisonment.
  • As a holistic solution, your IT department can protect your critical data with a single platform. Your cost of compliance is reduced through ease of implementation and roll out.
  • The desktop app is readily integrated into daily workflow, so staff are willing to adopt ensuring your sensitive data will be encrypted.
  • Search and retrieval of encrypted data is fast and efficient, reducing the effort required to complete tasks such as forensic audits.
  • Peace of mind is assured for staff who may be confronted with a ‘digital search’ when travelling abroad.  No critical data is stored on devices, and an ‘alternative’ or decoy data base can be accessed enabling ‘compliance’ without compromising data security.
  • Protects your critical data against internal and external threats
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